Mastodon State Historic Site

Phone: 636-464-2976
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Grounds: 8 am - Sunset; Museum hours vary by season
1050 Charles J. Becker Dr.
Imperial, MO
Jefferson County

Site excavations have established that Paleo-Indians hunted the American mastodon here during the ice age. The site is the home of the Kimmswick Bone Bed, one of the most famous and extensive Pleistocene ice age deposits of fossils, including a number of bones of giant mastodons.

The museum displays artifacts, fossils and a replica of a mastodon skeleton, and outlines the story of the Clovis culture, which existed in the area between 10,000 and 14,000 years ago.

Open for day use, the site offers picnicking and hiking.

$4.00 age 13 and up and 12 and under free.

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